There are over 200 wild species of lupine, and most are North American natives. Leaves lose color and fall off, and the plant eventually dies. Treatment is based on the cause. I left them out overnight after buying them planning on planting them in the ground the next day. This plant is generally vigorous and hardy, one of the pioneer species on disturbed ground. A week ago I was admiring the 13+ flower spikes on it, and suddenly they all went like an upside-down U.   I put it down to the heavy rain and winds we have been having - although my husband pointed out that our neighbours lupins were not affected. All of our pet supplies & gear are hand made in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. You can also sow seeds in the spring 4 to 6 weeks before your average last frost date, but your plants will bloom later in the summer. Another possible cause of failure to flower is too much sun or high temperatures, especially in early summer. As cutting it back completely can kill or weaken the plant, many gardeners choose to remove the plants completely and grow lupine as biennials, placing out new spring-grown plants in the fall for the next season. Nurseries force plants along to keep a schedule of sales and we've had atrocious weather to boot. It now looks as though the plants are dying - any suggestions please? Rigid, upright flowers like yarrow, 'Autumn Joy' sedum, or liatris have similar growing conditions and blooming times. Any idea why? I have succesfully grown lupins for several years but this year the plants appear wilted and although the flowers are a good 1 foot long they have bent in half. Each spring all over the US, gardeners fall in love all over again with the candy cane colors of one of the most popular garden perennials of them all - the lupines, and they plant them by the millions.

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